Infoflux Solutions are Web Consultants in India, Pune focusing on areas of Website design, Web application development, SEO, Web hosting and Web advertisements in India.
Sam WK, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer
As Chairman, and CEO of Infoflux Solutions Consultants, Sam WK, oversees all corporate and board functions and directs the business to ensure the attainment of sales and profit goals and maximum return on invested principal. He is responsible for the formulation of current and long-range plans and objectives, and represents the organization in relations with its customers and the business and non-business communities.
He started this group at the young age of 25. To his credit, he has been the Web Developer for one of India's first private business INFLUX INDIA PVT. LTD. He has very wide experience in technical aspects of the Internet, specializing in technical analysis and implementation of internet and web related projects Viz. software development, ISP setups, web server and mail server setups, e-commerce implementation, web marketing, SEO - SEM specialization etc.
Under his management the business provides services like software development, website designing & hosting, networking solutions and IT consultancy. After ten years of teamwork the business has become one of Pune's well known IT consulting firms..
Sam WK has done Master of Computer Application, from Pune University. He is currently a visiting faculty at D.Y.Patil Eng Collage Pune in India, . He is a preferred speaker and has delivered lectures at several corporations including Influx, CAPITA UK,Computerland, and institutional many more. Sam WK has written a number of articles in IT blogs. His subjects of specialization include Website testing, Web development Internet security, Web technologies, E-commerce; Web based marketing, search engine optimization and Networking specialization.
Infoflux Solutions is the winner of the "Buddhist Entrepreneur Award" given by Buddhist Entrepreneur Nagpur for the year 20013-14. He is the winner of young marathi achiever award given by Saturday Club Mumbai.

Why Infoflux Solutions ?
Since 2012 Infoflux Solutions has been delivering effective and innovative web designs and web marketing plans for variety of clients in different sectors. We have a strong team with a vast experience who has learnt from experience about what works and what does not work on the web and internet. So we pass on this knowledge to you when we work out your web marketing strategy. We make sure that you are benefited from our experience as well as our mistakes and are NOT the guinea swine. That itself determines the success and failure of a web marketing plan and saves a lot of cost to avoid the learning curve.
Web Marketing is a team work and we get your team also closely involved in the entire process.
We initiate each web marketing plan by understanding your business needs, your target audience, your geographic area, detailed understanding of your products and services. We also get inputs of your competitors and we study the competition online. Your inputs are very crucial for success of any web marketing plan. Our time bound and budget oriented approach always helps you to be in control and understand what are the goals we have set and plans to achieve those.
Business Design
Designing the web marketing plan has multiple factors and is spread out over time. We consider not just the increase in traffic but also effective traffic. The design is in line with your online as well as offline presence and strategies. A planned interactivity is a crucial part of the design and helps to track the response and success of the web marketing plan.
From our own set norms and experience we develop a web marketing plan which consists of a step by step approach to achieve the desired goals. The success depends on a developed web marketing plan which is comprehensive, logically organized, and efficient. It covers the basic essentials, Internet advertising opportunities, advanced features, and interactive PR in order to effectively generate leads and raise your online visibility.
Before a web marketing plan is implemented we do a testing process or a dry run to determine the expected results. Here we have a flexibility to quickly adapt to the results and modify the plan as required saving a lot of money which can be effectively used. The focus is on the website design with interactivity coupled with a strong search engine optimization. We also effectively use social media optimization, content writing, email marketing and online brand management. So let's discuss about your business needs, innovative idea, or web technology requirements and lets together make your project a success.
Free Project Technologies :
Pre-development Analysis:
Here we understand the overall business of the client, the objectives, the strategies and the target audience. We analyze the requirements of the client and come up with path breaking ideas and solution. We also make a thorough need analysis of the technology required.
This is where we involve a cross functional team of professionals from strategic planning, web designing & technology areas. A number of concepts are developed and discussed with the client. As we develop these potential solutions, the client is closely involved in this process. Once this is finalized, we move on to the building or the development stage.
Development & Testing:
Our software, technical and design professionals now start work on the project. The Project Manager reviews the progress of each team with the project leader. Vigorous testing follows.

During this stage, we work closely with your team to ensure that the implementation is done smoothly. Integration with your system with its existing legacy is ensured. We believe this is the real beginning of our relationship with our clients. We know that being the first on the Net is not as important as delivering value consistently to our clients, customers.
What We Do
Web Solutions Provider in India
Infoflux Solutions as a web site design business Pune, India offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your web design and web development needs. From domain booking or registration to website hosting, from custom web site designing in web 2.0 design or Flash sites, .net and php application development to maintenance and backend services & from development of ecommerce sites to setting up of Payment Gateway. The Gamut of Services also includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing and Website Maintenance Services. We can provide virtually anything you can possibly imagine as web consultants in India.
Infoflux Solutions
Technical Strength Backed By Exceptional Service
Infoflux Solutions is more than just a technical consulting firm, we believe in end-to-end solutions for all of our clients. Our executive management team possesses a strong background in all aspects of both business and information technology resulting in an unprecedented ability to develop business by increasing visibility, productivity, and growth. Whether architecting a powerful web site and e-commerce store, installing an enterprise-size network, integrating existing technologies with the web or designing a corporate web presence Infoflux Solutions can help. Infoflux Solutions
The Beginning
Infoflux Solutions was founded in the summer of 1998 as a business between three Internet technology Specialists in Pune, the Infoflux Solutions valley of India. Their goal was simple, yet profound: To become the dominant web-services and consulting firm in Indian area and then expanding the reach outside the border of the country. A strong track record of providing end-to-end web applications consulting while assisting companies to receive information anywhere, anytime and in the most efficient format has led to more than a 100% Year-on-Year growth and now, Infoflux Solutions has worked with over 2000 clients across All continents.
Corporate Profile
Infoflux Solutions is highly specialized Cloud Computing and Fully Managed Server provider in India. Operating a Fully Automated Virtual Data Center for more than a decade, we have been able to leverage our immense experience and cutting edge technology to provide a practical and working solution for thousands of customers in more than 90+ countries.
Business Focus
Infoflux Solutions is a complete solution provider for reseller hosting, dedicated servers and cloud servers. Our expertise is in implementing high availability, high performance and hybrid cloud / dedicated servers. The solutions that we offer are Fully Managed and hence we take care of the server side infrastructure while you can concentrate on your core businesses.
Innovate & Expertise
Every problem presented to us like mail tracking or archiving, multi-location cloud load balancing, biz intel reporting, state of the art intrusion detection, has been converted into an opportunity to innovate new solutions. With over 14 years of experience, we convert these innovations into working solutions and keep building expertise in them.
Adapt & Grow
In an industry like internet where technology changes literally every day, being flexible to accommodate new technologies, getting expertise in cutting edge technologies requires a culture that is deep rooted for knowledge than anything else. This is the very essence of how we build our solutions. Our solutions are always framework based so that any future disruptive technology can be accommodated with ease. We work closely with our customers. That enables us to share a wealth of knowledge about server side issues to our customers and gain as much about application they build. Officers.
Infoflux Solutions runs hundreds of servers serving customers in more than 90+ countries.
1. We handle more than 55 million emails per day
2. Our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center network spans over three continents, four countries
3. Our servers power more than 750,000+ websites
4. We are pioneers in building Fully Automated Virtual Data Centers integrated with multi-location clouds
5. Innovation is our base and we consistently do that. Our innovative development has resulted in products and services such as XMAIL Trac, Super Reseller Suite, Arrow Shield, Arrow Streaming Servers, Biz Intel Reporting etc.
Infoflux Solutions has been a leader in dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting in India since 1998. We are powering more than 750,000 customers in 90+ countries. We have helped a leading auction portal in India to expand world wide almost instantly. Our experts have managed to keep the cost as low as possible for a loan portal in USA, keeping in mind of their market condition without compromising on quality of delivery. We are the power behind one of the oldest university in India and a hot start-up in renewable energy relies on us for managing their business online. Infoflux Solutions is a pioneer in introducing many services in web hosting industry in India. We are the pioneers in introducing Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India. This allows you to take of your core business where we take care of your online presence. We are the pioneers to introduced pre-hardened elastic cloud server hosting in India. On complex configuration side, we have been building bare metal servers or dedicated servers, clusters, cloud servers, hybrid servers for more than 19 years in India. We are the first company in India to build Fully Automated Virtual Data Center spanning three countries.
1. Infoflux Solutions is an ICANN accredited Domain Registrar
2. Infoflux Solutions is a fully accredited .IN registrar
3. Infoflux Solutions is ranked 8 th fastest growing registrar in India by NIXI
4. Ranked 173 rd fastest growing registrar in the world by Verisign
5. Ranked 112 nd fastest growing registrar in the world by PIR


Infoflux Solutions attaches highest importance for quality of products and services delivered to customers. Our commitment towards quality is shown in our processes and products that we deliver to thousands of customers around the world. Well defined processes, strict adherence to SOP and continuous training of man power about quality helps us in delivering services of the highest quality. Infoflux Solutions is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified organization.

Quality Policy:
1. Innovation and Transparency in all our processes and business practice
2. Continuously monitoring and improving all our processes
3. Rapid Action on all our services and extremely flexible models in our product development
4. Creating and environment that will allow people to develop and deliver world class products and services