Corporate Training

Why Training?

Training is a systematic process through which an organization’s human resources gain knowledge and develop skills by instruction and practical activities that result in improved corporate performance.

Differences between Training, Education & Development::

Training is short term, task oriented and targeted on achieving a change of attitude, skills and knowledge in a specific area. It is usually job related.
Education is a lifetime investment. It tends to be initiated by a person in the area of his/her interest.
Development is a long term investment in human resources.
ASK Concept: -If we follow the GAP concept, training is simply a means to use activities to fill the gaps of performance between the actual results and the expected results.
This GAP can be separated into 3 main themes
- Attitude | Skills | Knowledge
Business Information

Training details

The Freedom Team is made up of tons of business professionals that come from various backgrounds and experiences. Our strength is in support and training and we offer training in the following topics. 1. Business Coaching 2. Lead Generation 3. Mindset and Motivation 4. Marketing Online and Offline 5. Fundamentals of Skills Development

We are providing the below training :
Mind Power training, Skills Development Program, Digital Services, Project Training Business ,
E-Consulting Services, Govt. Tender Filling, Entrepreneur Program.

Mainly Focus on

Collage Project Training, Software Testing, Corporate Training, MS-Excel Training, Business Training,
Collage Coaching, Business Coaching, Industrial Training, Entrepreneur Training, Skill Development Program.

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